The Advantage – The World's First BAGLESS Commercial Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner

The Next Generation - Hassle Free, Quick & Easy To Use It Will Make Your Cleaning Easier, Faster, More Hygienic And Reduce Vacuuming Expenses

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What is The Advantage?

The next-generation back pack commercial vacuum cleaner with Patented Technology for faster, better, smarter vacuuming - the ultimate advantage for the professional cleaner!

When it comes to professional commercial vacuuming, time is money and results are everything.

The Advantage delivers the fastest most cost effective vacuum cleaning results achievable today.     


Model No. 15721000



Capacity: 5 Litre

Weight: 4.9 kg (excluding cable)

Sound Level: 71 dBA

Cord: 18 m. 10 A

Reach: 20.5 m

Accessories: 32 mm

Hose: 32 mm x 1.2 m

Wand:32mm, 2 x 500 mm Stainless Steel

Floor Tool: 32mm, 285 mm 

Machine Rating

Power: 900 W High Efficiency

Electrical: 220 – 240 V a.c., 50 – 60 Hz

Compliance: RCM

Standards: IEC60335-2-2; IEC60335-1; EN 62233; IEC335-2-69; AU/NZ deviations; AS/NZS CISPR14.1; EN55014.1; EN61000-3-2; EN61000-3-3

Class: 2, Double Insulated

High Efficiency Motor

Type: Ametek Thru Flow, long life, Carbon Brush System

Air Flow: 49 Litres/sec


Specs: 25 kPa, (Poppet Valve safety suction limiter)

4-Stage Filtration

Cyclone: 3-Stage (3 Tier Dual Core) STAC® Swirl Tube Axial Cyclone System

Motor Filter: Antimicrobial, Efficacy 99.9% 24 h CFU reduction

Control of Bacteria: (but not limited to) Escherichia Coli, Klebsiella                                                                   Pneumoniae, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas                                                     Aeruginosa, Corneybacterium Ammoniagenes

Control of Moulds: Aspergillus Niger, Trycophyton, Mentagrophytes

Odour Control Inhibitors: Antimicrobial technology

Re-emissions: < 0.08mg/m3


2 yrs Body, 3 yrs Motor (does not include wear and tear items). Conditions apply

Bagless Means You Save Money - And Time

Eliminate the need to use, clean, replace or buy cloth or paper vacuum bags. 

Take a moment to think how much that saves you...and how much time it actually takes to clean a filter bag.

No more long, arduous process where you shake, bang, brush or vacuum out the cloth bag before you can get back to cleaning.  

The Advantage eliminates all that.  Think of the new process; take the Advantage dust canister to the bin and empty it.  No more bags to clean or replace.

plus...you can always see what is happening inside the  dust canister, so you know when to empty!!

Advantage? Saving you time and money over and over again. 


Consistent Suction With Patented Technology - 3TDC STAC® Filtration and High Efficiency Motor

The Advantage’s 3-Tier Dual Core, STAC® (Swirl Tube Axial Cyclone) technology combined with a high efficiency vacuum motor delivers incredible cleaning results.

Testing against a variety of conventional vacuum cleaners (with dust bags), The Advantage was able to pick up 200-300% more dust in an average week of vacuuming.  It enables the professional cleaner to vacuum a whole lot more area in less time.


Odour and Germ-Free Environments Using Antimicrobial Technology

Additional protection for the user and the environment, the Advantage has Antimicrobial Technology in the internal plastics, vacuum hose and motor filter (Efficacy at >99.9%) to help reduce and eliminate some nasty germs being emitted back into the air.  

Including odour control inhibitors it helps eliminate those terrible odours that you usually smell being exhausted into the air when vacuuming.   

The Advantage BAGLESS Back Pack gives you the best opportunity to leave an environment clean and fresh after you've finished vacuuming - something everybody will notice. 

Control of Bacteria includes but is not limited to: Escherichia Coli, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Corneybacterium  Ammoniagenes


Easier, Faster Emptying With A Single-Button Release

It is just so simple and easy to empty the Advantage.

  • Simply turn the latch to remove the canister
  • Walk over to a bin or use a plastic bin liner
  • Press the single purple button to release the lid
  • Watch the dust and dirt simply empty out. 
Emptying the canister can be done entirely with one hand as shown. It can't get any easier than this.
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Built With Durable Design And Construction

The Advantage is designed to last using quality, durable components. 

The internal construction uses low friction, water repelling, anti static and antimicrobial plastics..best in market and first to market technologies. 

The Patented Long Life Ametek vacuum motor delivers confidence in long term performance of the Advantage. 

Stainless Steel, corrosion resistant wands.

Crush proof vacuum hose with antimicrobial technology.

High Grade Plastics 100% recyclability.



Maximum Operator Comfort With Ergonomic Design

Built with both hard and soft, high rebound water resistant foam pads, contoured shoulder pads and an adjustable stretch belt, you get the highest levels of support and comfort over hours of use.

The swivel-neck, low profile EZ2GO floor tool is designed to smoothly and easily move across all types of floors and pivot around hard-to-reach spaces to prevent fatigue or discomfort for professional cleaners.


Protect Your Cable With A Smart Cord Restraint

The Advantage’s Strainless®, quick change cord restraint, helps reduce cord stretching and tangling. The smart design makes changing the cable easy and quick.

The cord restraint is positioned away from your feet to help reduce the risk of walking back onto the cable when vacuuming.  Simple design with a clear purpose.


Have A Safety Net With The Advantage Warranty

2 years warranty for manufacturer's defect and workmanship on the body and 3 years on the motor, The Advantage has been designed and tested for long life and requiring minimal repair and maintenance.

Couple this with the industry recognised customer support of Hako Australia and you can assure peace of mind when using The Advantage BAGLESS Back Pack Vacuum. 

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