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The future: Autonomous and all-electric


Networked systems for the future

Digitised processes, autonomous systems, zero emissions – topics of the future, yet challenges that have long since reached the Cleaning and Municipal Technology market.

Hako meets these challenges with over 70 years of experience, a keen sense for our customers’ needs, and pioneering ideas creating significant impetus for the future of professional in- and outdoor cleaning.. 


Model No. 15721000



Capacity: 5 Litre

Weight: 4.9 kg (excluding cable)

Sound Level: 71 dBA

Cord: 18 m. 10 A

Reach: 20.5 m

Accessories: 32 mm

Hose: 32 mm x 1.2 m

Wand:32mm, 2 x 500 mm Stainless Steel

Floor Tool: 32mm, 285 mm 

Machine Rating

Power: 900 W High Efficiency

Electrical: 220 – 240 V a.c., 50 – 60 Hz

Compliance: RCM

Standards: IEC60335-2-2; IEC60335-1; EN 62233; IEC335-2-69; AU/NZ deviations; AS/NZS CISPR14.1; EN55014.1; EN61000-3-2; EN61000-3-3

Class: 2, Double Insulated

High Efficiency Motor

Type: Ametek Thru Flow, long life, Carbon Brush System

Air Flow: 49 Litres/sec


Specs: 25 kPa, (Poppet Valve safety suction limiter)

4-Stage Filtration

Cyclone: 3-Stage (3 Tier Dual Core) STAC® Swirl Tube Axial Cyclone System

Motor Filter: Antimicrobial, Efficacy 99.9% 24 h CFU reduction

Control of Bacteria: (but not limited to) Escherichia Coli, Klebsiella                                                                   Pneumoniae, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas                                                     Aeruginosa, Corneybacterium Ammoniagenes

Control of Moulds: Aspergillus Niger, Trycophyton, Mentagrophytes

Odour Control Inhibitors: Antimicrobial technology

Re-emissions: < 0.08mg/m3


2 yrs Body, 3 yrs Motor (does not include wear and tear items). Conditions apply
Roboscrub 20

Already successfully operating in the field: Minuteman Roboscrub 20


The autonomous cleaning machine RoboScrub 20  has already successfully proved its efficiency in the field, from working in production halls and warehouses with narrow aisles to cleaning highly frequented shopping centers. The compact scrubber-drier safely navigates around obstacles and provides excellent cleaning results.


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User-friendliness Becomes Smart


The market’s interest in autonomous machines has increased substantially – not least because of the increasing shortage of skilled labour in the cleaning industry. Since Hako always develops new products with a close eye on future requirements, we are, of course, already working on a solution: namely the Scrubmaster B45 i, our prototype of an autonomous cleaning machine.

Future-oriented technological solutions are made for people. This is why Hako particularly focussed on user-friendly operation and programming when developing the autonomous cleaning machine.

A tablet with an innovative and intuitive touch screen allows easy loading of routes and makes operating the machine very simple. Yet another benefit for both the cleaning staff and the operating company: The machine can also be used manually as a conventional walk-behind scrubber-drier to carry out quick interim cleaning tasks.


Video: Watch the new B45i in action!


Safety Remains On a High Level

Since the particular challenge of autonomous cleaning lies in carrying out applications in complex, public, and constantly changing environments, safety plays an important role.

Test runs have provided evidence that the Roboscrub 20 and the Scrubmaster B45i have successfully solved the issue of identifying and circumnavigating obstacles safely and reliably.

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Discover Digital Possibilities

Hako creates networked solutions for the future of Cleaning and Municipal Technology – through intelligent products, clever details, and digital processes.

Thus interlinked, Hako’s products unfold their full efficiency potential, offering new opportunities for your success!

CM1600_ZE_neu (1)

All- electric drive system with Hako


At Hako, meeting our aspiration of combining economic efficiency and sustainability enjoys top priority. This is why, in the field of electromobility, we take pride in developing zero-emission solutions for the future of Municipal Technology. The result of our efforts: the Citymaster 1650 ZE – the functional model of an all-electric road sweeper made by Hako.

Electromobility becomes multifunctional

The compact sweeper Citymaster 1650 ZE follows Hako’s “One for all” principle: The machine has been designed to provide use as a versatile, high-performance implement carrier for all-season application – for example wet cleaning, water applications and light-duty winter service tasks. 

All-electric drives demonstrate their efficiency advantages over conventional diesel-hydraulic drive systems in every application. Both significantly reduced energy costs and the expected durability of the components therefore counterbalance the fact that the battery technology makes the machines initially more expensive. 


See the Citymaster 1650 ZE in action!


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