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On Christmas Eve, 1948, our founder Hans Koch created Hako to manufacture and assemble the worlds first 'motorized cultivator'. And after leading various technological advancements, Hans used what he discovered to change the cleaning industry forever with Europe's first sweeping machine. A true testament to the continual advancement and innovation Hako stands for.

So what's the connection between agriculture and cleaning? Han's vision. The vision was, and always has been, to find new ways of designing and building better, more innovative and more efficient machines.

And after almost 70 years of staying true to Han's vision, we're now a leader in the commercial and municipal cleaning industry and have received numerous awards for sustainability, innovation and smart design.

Since 1948, we've grown from a small one man show with just 1 product, to a globally recognised, 2,000+ person team, manufacturing over 50 high-quality cleaning machines.

Whether that's prolonging part and machine life, improving power and maneuverability, or reducing our environmental impact yet improving the quality of our cleaning results - Hako has always found new ways to make our machines even more amazing. 


Helping the environment to create a better, cleaner, and greener future

Environmentally friendly governments and large businesses across healthcare, retail, education and more, all choose Hako because of their longstanding commitment towards a cleaner, and more sustainable future.

Due to our agricultural roots, we’ve always been committed to the environment. But it wasn’t until 1994 that our efforts were fully recognised when we received the Stormam Cultural Foundation for our waste-disposal concepts. And later, in 2011, we were only 1 of 4 businesses who received the InClean "Innovative Equipment’ award for our Integrated Environmental Cleaning System.

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Carlos Amalfitano Logistics Manager

A knowledgable person in all our product ranges. He seeks to ensure that the logistical process meets the needs of the customers. Be it machines, spare parts or accessories.

With 36 years of service, no one knows our products more than Carlos. 

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