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Covid-19 Hako Australia – We are here to help - Customer Support Update

Our team want you to know that we are up to the task of containing the COVID-19 spread.  We are working extremely hard as individuals and as a team to constantly mitigate the spread of COVID-19, through increased hygiene and social distancing protocols as directed by WHO and National and State Health Agencies. We also know how important your cleaning equipment is to maintain high standards of hygiene. 

Click on our CTA button below to know what we have implemented to help contain the COVID-19.

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Preventing. Cleaning. Disinfecting. For increasing hygiene requirements

Reducing pathogens reliably Door handles, grips, toilet actuator plates: When touching such commonplace objects, viruses, germs, fungus, and bacteria are easily transmitted from one person to another – even without any personal contact. Disinfecting these objects with the hand spray wand effectively contains the spread of pathogens.
Clean surfaces and a clean machine
All components of the scrubber-drier are easily accessible – and thus can be disinfected quickly and reliably with the hand spray wand


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New dimensions of floor cleaning! The new Hako Scrubmaster B260 R Electric battery powered scrubber is the latest new addition to the Hako Scrubmaster range.

Ideally suited for cleaning shopping centres, logistics halls, or production facilities in the automotive industry: Available with working widths of 108 and 123 cm and equipped with either 2 or 3 disc brushes or a cylindrical brush unit as well as a 260-litre tank, the Scrubmaster B260 R is your perfect choice when long operating times on large areas are required. .

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Hako’s a world leader in manufacturing high-performance, eco-friendly cleaning machines

Since 1924, we’ve had an impressive track record of technological advancements – creating the world's first “cultivating machine”, Europe's first sweeping machine, winning smart design and sustainability awards, and developing the advanced professional cleaning system; the Hako IEC System.

Our track record is a true testament to the continual advancement and innovation that we stand for. So after choosing Hako, there won't be any doubt in your mind that you're receiving some of the best, most reliable and advanced cleaning machines and customer service on the market.

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We're committed to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future

Our entire design process focuses on sustainability and longevity. From prototyping all the way to product use, we design our products to make as little negative impact on the environment as possible. 

At the digital design stage, we factor in how the product will be used, it's lifespan, and disposal in the final product design. And during production, we put them through rigorous testing to ensure product features won't compromise over the lifetime of all our machines. And after winning various environmental and sustainability awards like the Stormam Cultural Foundation award, it’s easy to see why Hako is a step above the rest when creating products that’ll make our future a better one.


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