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Providing future-proof cleaning, municipal, and water jet technology, Hako stands for solutions without compromise. This also applies in terms of sustainability. When developing our products, we always consider the entire life cycle: from production with environmentally friendly, CO2 -saving processes in modern plants and economically efficient, eco-friendly use to recycling and disposal.

As a partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative of the mechanical and plant engineering industry, our goal is to keep increasing the proportion of recyclable materials in production – while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. blue competence


Bringing out the best – for the environment!

The recycling process begins with the shredding of the old machine. We then examine it for recyclable materials. Many of our machines are almost completely recyclable.



Resource-preserving recycling

Recycling is the final step after a product's long service life, which we guarantee by providing maximum quality in terms of production processes and materials as well as regular maintenance carried out by our qualified experts. At the end of their product life, our machines show their eco-compatibility one last time: simple-to-dismantle components and single-origin materials ensure easy recycling. 



Walk-behind scrubbers:  >90% Recyclable

The chassis, handlebar, and squeegee lift are made of steel and are also 100% recyclable. When it comes to packaging, we are increasingly using wood and cardboard to sustainably reduce plastic waste. For example, the Scrubmaster B45 CL TB510 has high recyclability of over 90%.

b45 65cm-1

Reducing, reusing, recycling

Already during the production of our machines, we make sure to use the highest possible percentage of recyclable materials. For example, the molded parts of our walk-behind scrubber-driers, such as the solution and recovery tanks, are made of single sourced polyethylene.

Highly Recyclable

When recycling, we recycle from our machine materials such: as copper, steel, aluminum, and polyethylene.

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