Hako dosing and filling systems

for scrubber-driers

Time-saving, efficient and environmentally-friendly

No matter whether used individually or in combination with each other: Hako dosing and filling systems contribute to a time-saving, efficient and environmentally-friendly use of Hako’s scrubber-driers. 


Incorrect dosing leads to less-than-perfect cleaning results. Overdosing puts additional strain on the materials, contaminates the waste water, and increases the costs for cleaning detergents. Hako’s dosing systems prevent under- or overdosing and the negative impacts thereof. 



Filling the solution tank is time-consuming and ties the operator to the machine, which means losing valuable working time. Hako’s filling systems allow using filling times more effectively and also shortening them significantly. 


FastFill filling system:

Hako’s FastFill filling system is particularly suited for applications requiring large amounts of water or jobs that leave little time for re-filling the tank. It consists of either a 150 or 300-litre tank and is very easy to handle.

FastFill fills the tank at 120 litres/ minute.

A dosing unit guarantees the correct mixing ratio of machine-suitable cleaning detergents.


Save cleaning detergents with Hako’s on-board dosing system

The on-board dosing system is equipped with a variable speed pump. The amount of cleaning detergents added to the system depends on the amount of water supplied. The concentration is infinitely adjustable and remains constant.

This reliably prevents over- or under-dosing, even when the operator increases or reduces the amount of water supplied. This system can also be used with machines that are not equipped with a water pump.


Automatic dosing – simply practical

Our automatic, wall-mounted dosing system works according to the Venturi principle: When opening the water tap, the cleaning chemicals are added to the water with negative pressure via a separate hose.

The amount of chemicals supplied is defined by a measuring pin. The DVGW-compliant system is equipped with a non-return valve to prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the mains system.


Automatic filling – ensures more efficient working

To provide automatic filling, the hose is connected to the scrubber-drier via a plug coupling. When the solution tank has been completely filled, a float switch stops the water supply.

Instead of having to stay with the machine, the operator can use the filling time to carry out other tasks, which ensures a more efficient utilisation of staff capacities.

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