Gardening & Landscaping

Machines for all-season use

In gardening and landscaping, each season comes with its own challenges for Municipal Technology products

Ground maintenance, weed removal, watering, cleaning, winter service, or transporting loads. Hako has the right solutions for various different applications. A wide range of attachments and superstructures available allow fast re-tooling of the machines, which means that you need only one machine to cover almost any application – economically efficient and flexible: for constantly changing tasks, different types of ground- and working conditions as well as seasonal particularities.

  • Consistent multifunctionality for increased efficiency and reduced investment costs
  • Robust work- and transport machines you can rely on – under any circumstances
  • Superior quality “Made in Germany”
  • Implement carriers with all-wheel drive and articulated joint, sweepers, multifunctional narrow-gauge implement carriers and transporters
citymaster 1650 IG

Product Recommendations sweepers and implement carriers with all-wheel steering and articulated joint

Citymaster 650

Multifunctional Outdoor Cleaning Machine

Citymaster 1650

Outdoor Footpath & Street Scrubber / Sweeper

Citymaster 1650 ZE

All-electric outdoor cleaning machine

Citymaster 2250

Outdoor cleaning machine: Genuine 2-m3 class

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