Cleaning Technology goes multifunctional:

with Hako's quick-connect system

Versatile productive simple time-saving solutions

Certain areas such as large empty rooms, hygiene-sensitive areas, or floors soiled with light debris often take additional time and effort to clean. In order to carry out these tasks efficiently and economically in fewer working steps, Hako’s ride-on vacuum sweepers and scrubber-driers can be equipped quickly and easily with pre-cleaning tools and tools for special applications via the quick-connect system to provide even better cleaning results in even less time.

Even more application options – with supplementary tools!

Hako’s innovative quick-change system allows fast and uncomplicated upgrading of various Sweepmaster vacuum sweeper and Scrubmaster scrubber-drier models to extend the machines’ application options. Only one machine is needed to carry out different cleaning tasks in a single working step.

1  Quick-connect system
2  Tool “Light-debris collector”
3  Tool “Mop” (incl. dustpan and brush)
4  Tool “Broom” (incl. dustpan and brush)
5  Pre-sweep/vacuum unit
6  Tool "Spray bar"




One connection, numerous possibilities

Hako’s quick-connect system consists of a bracket and pre-installation kit permanently mounted to the vacuum sweeper or scrubber-drier, allowing the pre-cleaning tools or the tools for special applications to be installed quickly and easily whenever needed in order to ensure multifunctional use of the cleaning machine.



  Tool_Mop   Tools_balken

Collecting light debris before sweeping & vacuuming


First pre-cleaning, then scrubbing & drying


Special applications and disinfection tasks

In order to improve workflow processes, our ride-on vacuum sweeper models Sweepmaster 900 R and 980 R/RH can be upgraded with the “light-debris collector” tool via the quick-connect system, which allows the operator to pick up course dirt manually and collect it in the litter bin.   In areas where coarse dirt and light debris regularly accumulates in addition to dust and dirt, or where pre-cleaning is required, the scrubber-drier models Scrubmaster B175 RB260 R and B400 R can be equipped with Hako’s quick-connect system and various tools for even more efficient working: A pre-sweep/vacuum unit (available only for Scrubmaster B175 R and B260 R), a light-debris collector as well as different pre-sweep units featuring a broom or a mop enable the operator to carry out different cleaning tasks in a single working step.   

The Scrubmaster models B175 R and B260 R can be upgraded with a tool for special applications and disinfection tasks, installed at the rear of the machine. With the tool featuring a spray bar and a hand spray wand, the machines are perfectly equipped to meet increasing hygiene requirements or carry out special applications.



Benefits of the quick-connect system at a glance:

  • Saves time and costs through the multifunctional use of Hako’s ride-on vacuum sweepers and scrubber-driers
  • Pre-cleaning tools and tools for special applications can be connected quickly and intuitively
  • Optimised cleaning results in less time

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Saving time and costs – also on inclines


Cleaning large, highly frequented and multi-storey areas such as parking garages is particularly challenging. Parked cars and vehicles driving in and out in all weathers lead to a very heterogeneous soiling profile, including street dirt, tyre marks and loose debris such as cigarette ends, bottle caps or leaves. Moreover, given their heavy utilisation, the timeframe for cleaning parking garages is usually limited. This is where the pre-sweep/vacuum unit saves valuable working time – especially when it comes to cleaning ramps.




Pre-sweep/vacuum unit – to remove coarse dirt


The optional, easy-to-install pre-sweep/vacuum unit removes loose dirt prior to wet-cleaning the floor, which enables sweeping plus scrubbing & drying in a single working step, saves laborious pre-cleaning, and increases work efficiency. Equipping the pre-sweep/vacuum unit with DustStop, Hako’s innovative, optionally available side broom jacket, reduces the development of dust and fine particulates during dry sweeping by up to 90% in comparison to conventional side brooms.  

Option for:

  • Scrubmaster B175 R
  • Scrubmaster B260 R






Pre-sweep tool "Mop" and "Broom" – prepare the ground for wet-cleaning tasks


When working in particularly dusty environments, the pre-sweep unit “Mop” removes dust and fine particles prior to wet-cleaning the floor, while the pre-sweep unit “Broom” removes course dirt and light debris to prepare the ground for wet-cleaning tasks. Dustpan, brush and a litter bin, which are installed at the rear of the machine without taking up much space, are always ready-at-hand to collect the debris afterwards. Before and after use, the pre-sweep units can easily be folded up by hand.

Option for:

  • Scrubmaster B175 R
  • Scrubmaster B260 R
  • Scrubmaster B400 R

For consistently good cleaning results


Cleanliness in large, highly frequented environments such as airports is not only a matter of looks but also a matter of safety. This is why the floors need to be cleaned regularly and reliably. The time factor also comes into the equation when it comes to achieving a continuously clean overall impression. In order to spare the operator from constantly getting off the machine to pick up pieces of debris, the pre-sweep unit “Broom” collects light debris in front of the machine in order to ensure trouble-free wet cleaning processes. The pre-sweep unit “Mop” is ideal for areas where large amounts of dust and fine particles accumulate. The tool protects the brush system from getting clogged up by dirt particles and thus ensures consistently good cleaning results.   




Tool "Light-debris collector" – for increased working comfort

The tool light-debris collector allows the operator to pick up coarse dirt with the gripper and collect it in the litter bin.

Option for:

  • Sweepmaster 900 R
  • Sweepmaster 980 R/RH
  • Scrubmaster B175 R
  • Scrubmaster B260 R
  • Scrubmaster B400 R



Where large amounts of course dirt accumulate, disposing of the debris usually needs to be carried out as a separate working step prior to cleaning the floor. With the light-debris collector, connected to the vacuum sweeper or scrubber-drier via the quick-connect system, both tasks can be carried out in a single working step – without the driver getting off the machine. Thanks to the gripper, he can comfortably pick up discarded consumables, packaging material or other waste while riding on the machine, collect any rubbish in the litter bin and empty the bin quickly and easily after the cleaning process is completed.





Tool "Spray bar" – more than clean


When it comes to carrying out special cleaning tasks or meeting particularly high hygiene requirements, using the tool “spray bar” in combination with the hand spray wand ensures excellent results.

Option for:

  • Scrubmaster B175 R
  • Scrubmaster B260 R

Perfectly equipped for special applications


In addition to applying disinfectants, the spray bar can also be used for individual cleaning tasks such as removing tyre marks, oil and grease residues. The hand spray wand helps to remove particularly stubborn dirt and to spray the disinfectant solution in every corner or onto walls, handles and doors.  For further information about cleaning and disinfecting with Hako click here!







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