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Hako Dust Stop

More cleanliness, less dust!

Dust Stop for dust-reduced sweeping!

Winner of the Purus Innovation Award 2019

With Dust Stop, Hako has developed a side brush jacket that reduces the development of dust and fine particulates during dry sweeping by up to 90 % in comparison to conventional side brushes – in such an innovative fashion that Dust Stop has received the Purus Innovation Award in the category Equipment at the CMS 2019 in Berlin.  

The new Dust Stop side brush jacket

When sweeping heavily soiled and dusty floors, it is almost impossible to avoid dust generation. Hako’s innovation sets into action exactly where dust is generated: at the side brushes of vacuum sweepers. The Dust Stop side brush jacket prevents dust from rising. This innovation for more occupational safety and economic efficiency has convinced the jury for the Purus Innovation Award 2019!


Further benefits of Dust Stop:

  • Allows unrestricted sweeping close to walls.
  • No objects are damaged, no marks are left on the floor.
  • Jacket provides low-noise working.
  • Easy installation, easy changing.
  • No dust suction or technical installation necessary.


Dust Stop is suitable for use with Hako Sweepmasters as well as Scrubmasters equipped with a pre-sweep/vacuum unit.

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