Autonomous Scrubber Minuteman Roboscrub 20

Autonomous Scrubber Minuteman Roboscrub 20
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Roboscrub 20

Autonomous Scrubber


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Future is here

The autonomous cleaning machine RoboScrub 20 has already proved its efficiency in the field: from cleaning production halls and warehouses with narrow aisles to large shopping centers. This compact scrubber-drier reliably navigates around obstacles and provides excellent cleaning results. In addition, the machine is particularly user-friendly, both in autonomous and manual operation. To carry out quick in-between cleaning jobs, RoboScrub 20 can be used as a conventional ride-on scrubber-drier.

Key Features

  • Autonomous driving and cleaning with image-processing sensor technology
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Consistent and reliable cleaning
  • Sophisticated safety concept
  • Both autonomous and manual operations are possible

Intelligent sensor technology

3D and 2D cameras at the front and sides as well as sensors installed in RoboScrub’s 20 upper and lower areas provide machine vision and learning of new routes. All sensors and cameras constantly monitor and scan the machine’s environment for solid or moving obstacles. Once identified, RoboScrub 20 circumnavigates the obstacle if possible or stops automatically.




Future technology made easy

Even autonomous cleaning technology needs someone to operate it, so user-friendliness was a very important aspect when developing RoboScrub 20. The intuitive touch screen on the left gives the user access to all relevant machine information during autonomous working. In addition, the user can select routes already learned by the machine or teach new routes while the machine is driving. 



Simple, intuitive operation

When it comes to autonomous cleaning, safety is a particularly crucial issue.

Signal light indicates to bystanders that the machine is in autonomous working mode.

If a critical situation occurs despite the integrated obstacle identification system, the machine can be stopped quickly and easily via emergency buttons installed next to the signal light and on the operating console.