Advantage Bagless Back Pack Vacuum

Advantage Bagless Back Pack Vacuum
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Bagless means you save money and time

  • Savings $$ = Eliminate the cost of bag replacement forever
  • Saving Time = Eliminate unproductive cleaning of bags forever
  • Productivity = Spend more time vacuuming and less time emptying


  • Patented 3 Tier, Dual Core, Swirl Tube Axial Cyclone Technology
  • Patented High Efficiency Long Life Ametek Vacuum Motor
  • Delivers 200-300% more dust and dirt pick up than vacuums with filter bags


  • Antimicrobial Technology in the internal plastics, vacuum hose and motor filter
  • Efficacy at 99.9% .
  • Odour control inhibitors to help eliminate those nasty smells
  • Eliminate nasty germs being emitted back into the air

easier, faster emptying

  • A simple turn of the latch
  • The press of a button
  • Emptying is done with one hand and no fuss

protect your cable with a smart cord restraint

  • Strainless® Cord design for simple, fast damaged cord replacement
  • The cord restraint is positioned away from the feet for improved safety when vacuuming. 

the advantage warranty

  • 2 years warranty on the body
  • 3 years warranty on the motor

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Hako’s a world leader in manufacturing eco-friendly cleaning machines

For years, it has been a must for us to manufacture in an environmentally friendly manner. Consumption of materials and energy are the most important issues we consider when improving our environmental impact. Hako uses environmental audits; the formulation of binding environmental guidelines; and environmental management to create the conditions for continuous optimization.

Hako’s Integrated Environmental Cleaning (IEC) System, comprises of Hako Anti-bacterial tanks (certified to ISO22196) increasing hygiene and safety standards, daytime cleaning technology reducing evening energy consumption, certified and patented aqua control brushes delivering up to 50% water and chemical reduction and Hako’s Aquaforce chemical free cleaning system.

The World's First Commercial BAGLESS Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner  - Winner of the Inclean Innovation Award for Cleaning Equipment held in Melbourne at the ISSA Cleaning and Hygiene Show on May 9 & 10.

The next-generation back pack commercial vacuum cleaner with Patented Technology for faster, better, smarter vacuuming - the ultimate advantage for the professional cleaner!

With its consistent suction, it brings together enhanced productivity of back apck vacuuming with better cleaning and genuine reduction in vacuuming costs.

It is lightweight, quiet and powerful.