Classrooms clean and safe with Hako

Classrooms clean and safe with Hako

Hako Australia has been specializing in quality and reliable cleaning equipment for more than 35 years. At this time, we have provided many cleaning solutions for a multitude of schools across Australia.

We know that kids will always be kids and, for that reason, our education industry customers generally require similar solutions for:

  • Weekly Corridor Cleaning
  • End of Term Classroom Cleaning
  • Toilet Block Cleaning
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Why is cleaning and disinfecting important? 

Having a clean environment will make people happy but above all, it will make them feel safe.
COVID-19 can be reduced and killed from surfaces, objects, and hands if we use the right products correctly. The virus is thought to spread mainly from person to person, but it may also spread by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching your own mouth, nose, or possibly your eyes.

Using Hako Scrubmasters for cleaning and disinfecting can reduce the risk of spreading infection by reducing and killing germs on surfaces people frequently touch.

Effective cleaning and disinfection...HOW?

It is obvious that the mop and bucket are cheaper but... are they effective when compared to mechanized cleaning? That's why we recommend you use floor scrubbers.
Compared to manual systems, mechanization enables sanitation activities to be carried out shortly and many times during the day, which means saving time and dollars

Download the Hako Walk-Behind Scrubmaster Brochure

What does school cleaning mean? 

It means clean classrooms and guaranteed hygiene to protect the students. Our scrubbers will help you to achieve the highest cleaning standards, take a look:

Hako Scrubmaster B3:  A  practical, easy-to-use, and transport scrubber-drier designed to efficiently clean small and hard-to-reach areas

The unique robust compact design makes the Scrubmaster B3 incredibly maneuverable and productive in the tightest of spaces.  Working in narrow and cramped areas is not a problem anymore.  

Scrubmaster B3 CLASSROOM_man

Hako Scrubmaster B12The Scrubmaster B12 is equipped with a disc brush unit that protrudes on both sides, which enables working close to edges and saves both the time and effort required for intensive reworking. This machine efficiently cleans smooth, hard floors. 

B12 schools

 Hako Scrubmaster B30: Optimum visibility of the area to be cleaned. Made-to-measure to meet your requirements. A choice of two versions is available. A Maintenance-free battery-package guarantees long running times

B30 schools

Download the Hako Walk-Behind Scrubmaster Brochure


If you are interested in acquiring any type of industrial sweeper, floor scrubber, or vacuum cleaner, you can consult our catalog of industrial cleaning equipment. You can also contact us directly through our contact form and a specialist will advise you on the best option for your need, without compromise.




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