Cleanliness and hygiene in the hospitality industry

Cleanliness and hygiene in the hospitality industry

The importance of cleanliness and hygiene in the hospitality industry


In the hospitality industry, extremely high demands are placed on hygiene and cleanliness in highly-frequented areas, while at the same time a growing environmental awareness among guests has to be taken into consideration.

Why is it essential to maintain hygiene in a venue?

  • Keeping food in good condition: in a clean restaurant, products will be kept in better condition for longer, and food will be prevented from becoming sources of possible food poisoning.
  • Ensuring the health of the customers: for businesses, customers are always the most important thing, and a good and deep cleaning is essential to eliminate bacteria and any possible source of infection.
  • Satisfy customers: cleaning and disinfecting a restaurant is essential for customers to feel satisfied and make them want to return. Otherwise, it would generate insecurity.

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Clean hospitality

Hako fulfils your customers’ wish for “convincing hospitality “: with safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly machines. Compact, low-noise, and maneuverable solutions providing easy and economically efficient operation are available for indoor areas – using as few cleaning chemicals as possible. The machines’ superior cleaning performance allows fast and efficient cleaning even of large in- and outdoor areas. Cleanliness and value retention: from the car park and the lobby to common rooms and hygiene-sensitive areas.

In Hako Australia we offer you the best cleaning equipment for your business:

  • Particularly low-noise dry vacuum cleaners for use in lobbies or foyers provide fast and efficient cleaning during day-to-day operation – even in difficult-to-access areas and corners
  • Economically efficient scrubber-driers ensure hygienic cleanliness on smooth or structured surfaces
  • Compact ride-on sweepers for use in (multi-storey) car parks
  • Walk-behind vacuum sweepers for use in small or medium-sized outdoor areas of hotels and restaurants – available as petrol- or battery-powered versions


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