Why brooming when you can vacuum?

Why brooming when you can vacuum?

ROTOBIC Backpack Vacuum Cleaners: Useful and Practical

Lightweight, powerful and quiet, the Rotobic Rocket Vac Classic backpack vacuum is the best choice for professionals looking for useful and practical equipment to deal with dust and other debris. It is complementary to the professional vacuum cleaner since its use provides access to high spaces.

Main Features:

Equipped with straps, this backpack vacuum is worn on the shoulders, the tank and motor are located at the back and the suction tube is held in one hand.

Many companies use it on a daily basis to aspire to a height of almost 10 meters, in various sectors such as healthcare, crafts, retail, cinemas, hospitality, theatres, and cultural centers.

Advantages of the backpack Rocket Vac Classic vacuum cleaner

This backpack vacuum cleaner is a solution for all professionals who want to equip themselves with more than one material at the same time:

  • Lightweight, less than 5 Kg.
  • Silent, with a sound level of less than 70 dB.
  • Handy, the suction tube is generally flexible.
  • Robust
  • Powerful: 1000 watt Flow-Thru Motor.
  • Practical: it has a cable of 18 m and 1 O amp electrical power cord.
  • Secure: Overheating auto-reset thermostat fitted in case of blockage.


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