Minuteman X17

Minuteman X17
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Key Features

  • Constructed of non-corrosive polyethylene that won't dent, corrode or rust
  • Two quick disconnect spray jets allow for simple maintenance
  • Automatic float shutoff prevents damage to the vacuum motor
  • Single, adjustable brush
  • Clear recovery dome and solution tank caps
  • Faucet-fill built in for operator convenience
  • Large 34 litres solution tank and 28 litres recovery tank
  • On-board auxillary power for optional scrub wand and extraction tools


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Big machine carpet cleaning in a compact carpet extraction unit.

The X17 features a 17” cleaning path with two spray jets that force cleaning solution into the carpet while a brush agitates and deep cleans the carpet combining a heavy duty vacuum that picks up the dirty solution all in one pass. The operator-friendly control panel makes it easy to operate and the extractor has momentary and continuous spray features.

The faucet-fill function offers efficient filling of the solution tank and the removable recovery tank has a convenient dump hose that saves time and empties easily. The easy glide vacuum shoe moves across carpet effortlessly and the large 10” wheels support easy transport and manoeuvring up and down stairs.

The X17 is constructed of non-corrosive polyethylene that won’t dent, corrode or rust. It contains two quick disconnect spray jets that allow for simple maintenance and the automatic float shutoff prevents damage to the vacuum motor. The X17 is ideal for use in offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare centers, retail outlets, malls, restaurants and government facilities. The X17 also offers optional accessory tools for cleaning upholstery, stairways, underneath furniture and against walls.


The MinutemanX 17 is also available with CFS Ozone System (Chemical Free Solution) which eliminates the need for chemical or disinfectant use.  It uses Ozone to Sanitise, Deodorise, and Purify.

  • Sanitise - Ozone kills pathogens more broadly than chlorine or other chemical sanitisers.
  • Deodorise - Ozone is one of the most powerful deodorises known
  • Purify - Ozone destroys residual pesticides in water and on the surface of carpet and breaks down trace pharmaceuticals in water.
  • Conserve - Ozone creates fewer by-products than chemical sanitisers and uses less energy than sanitising with heat.