Citymaster 1650 Outdoor Footpath & Street Scrubber / Sweeper

Citymaster 1650 Outdoor Footpath & Street Scrubber / Sweeper
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Key Features

  • Can be driven by anyone holding a Class B driving licence
  • Low consumption and emission values
  • Efficient hydraulic attachment drive
  • Spacious cabin, increased ergonomics at the workplace
  • Full LED lighting system plus LED work light
  • New 2- or 3-broom comfort sweeping technology
  • Smallest turning circle in its class
  • Increased driving and operating comfort

Hako’s a world leader in manufacturing eco-friendly cleaning machines

For years, it has been a must for us to manufacture in an environmentally friendly manner. Consumption of materials and energy are the most important issues we consider when improving our environmental impact. Hako uses environmental audits; the formulation of binding environmental guidelines; and environmental management to create the conditions for continuous optimization.

Hako’s Integrated Environmental Cleaning (IEC) System, comprises of Hako Anti-bacterial tanks (certified to ISO22196) increasing hygiene and safety standards, daytime cleaning technology reducing evening energy consumption, certified and patented aqua control brushes delivering up to 50% water and chemical reduction and Hako’s Aquaforce chemical free cleaning system.

The new Citymaster 1650 offers extremely high levels of flexibility and comfort, because this sweeper with all-wheel steering and articulated joint is also a versatile implement carrier.

With a wide range of different attachments and superstructures available, this machine meets every seasonal challenge in municipal application – and provides fast and economically efficient working. In addition, the Citymaster 1650 offers a comprehensive range of innovative features providing increased operating comfort, safety and efficiency – e.g. the height-adjustable steering column, a 270° camera system or the new 2- or 3-broom comfort sweeping technology. 

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This vehicle can work almost anywhere

Compact, manoeuvrable, and equipped with excellent climbing power: The Citymaster 1650 can be used on all paved surfaces in the city – without restrictions and at maximum payload. From light-duty maintenance cleaning to efficient basic cleaning tasks after the winter: Hako’s solution covers the entire performance range of a much larger sweeper – and thanks to its slim design and high manoeuvrability, this machine can also work in confined areas and on footpaths. The sophisticated and fully suspended chassis ensures excellent kerb-climbing abilities and trouble-free driving even on bad roads – without any adverse effects on the driver. 


Environmentally friendly – and pleasing to the ear

The Citymaster 1650’s distinguishing benefits are its low consumption- and emission values. Intelligent drive systems provide exactly the right kind of power required for the task on hand, which increases the machine’s economic efficiency. The low-emission engine with a particle filter – in combination with Hako’s state-of-the-art sweeping technology providing efficient dust control and particularly low fine dust and particulate emissions on a 4-star level (United PM2.5/PM10 Test) – allows working in the city centre as well as in quiet residential areas. Even early in the morning or late at night. 


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Multifunctional: For all-season use

The Citymaster 1650 can work all year round. In months with fewer sweeping tasks or when the sweeper can not be used at all due to bad weather conditions, the machine offers additional application options such as winter service tasks or utilization as a versatile implement carrier for green area and road-side greenery maintenance. 




Flexible, safe, future-oriented

The Citymaster 1650 can be used on all paved surfaces in the city – without restrictions and at maximum payload. The machine’s particularly low fine dust, particle and noise emissions as well as its sophisticated safety concept allow working in inner-city and residential areas – even early in the morning or late at night.

CM 1650_Brücke (1)