Scrubmaster B75 R Compact Battery Electric Ride-on Floor Scrubber

Scrubmaster B75 R Compact Battery Electric Ride-on Floor Scrubber
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Scrubmaster B75 R

Ride-on scrubber-drier for cleaning confined areas


For years, it has been a must for us to manufacture in an environmentally friendly manner. Consumption of materials and energy are the most important issues we consider when improving our environmental impact. Hako uses environmental audits; the formulation of binding environmental guidelines; and environmental management to create the conditions for continuous optimization.

Hako’s Integrated Environmental Cleaning (IEC) System, comprises of Hako Anti-bacterial tanks (certified to ISO22196) increasing hygiene and safety standards, daytime cleaning technology reducing evening energy consumption, certified and patented aqua control.

The new Scrubmaster B75 R can access areas that could previously only be cleaned using walk-behind scrubber-driers.

Provides economically efficient cleaning and comfortable working: Being extremely compact and highly maneuverable, the Scrubmaster B75 R can work in areas that could previously only be accessed by walk-behind scrubber-driers. Its top speed of up to 6 km/h in transport mode – which can be gradually reduced at the push of a button – and particularly long runtimes ensure that this ride-on scrubber-drier cleans larger areas in less time. 

Scrubmaster B75 Kasse

Smart features provide economically efficient operation

  • The Scrubmaster B75 R is equipped with a wide-range onboard charger with an IEC plug, which allows charging at any power outlet worldwide. 
  • A work light at the front enables cleaning even in dimly-lit rooms (optional). 
  • The buttons on the operating panel are clearly arranged, self-explanatory and intuitive to use. The illuminated display is easy to read and informs the driver of the machine’s current operating status at all times. 

Always one idea ahead

The Scrubmaster B75 R is equipped with a wide range of innovative features – either as a standard or available as an option – that make working easier, reduce operating costs, and protect the environment.

  • Hako-Chemical on Demand – need-based use of chemicals: Cleaning chemicals are added only when absolutely necessary. 
  • Hako-AquaControl: saves up to 50 % of water, thanks to intelligent brush systems and our automatic water-stop function when the machine stands still. 
  • Hako-LowNoise: ensures that noise does not become a nuisance. Particularly low-noise working that causes no disturbance at all.  


Special features
Designed with much attention to detail
Befüllen des Tanks für Reinigungsmittel eines Wischautomaten.
Automatic filling system: The time usually spent to fill the machine can be used to carry out daily maintenance or other tasks.  Easy-to-clean tank: The recovery tank with smooth inner walls has been designed to provide easy cleaning.  Excellent comfort: The ergonomic driver’s seat guarantees a pleasant and back-friendly sitting posture. This machine has been awarded the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) quality label