Scrubmaster B175 R Industrial Battery Electric Ride-on Floor Scrubber

Scrubmaster B175 R Industrial Battery Electric Ride-on Floor Scrubber
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Key Features

  • Two great 2 videos above that shows the important features on this new model
  • The Scrubmaster B175 R cleans inclines with gradients of up to 15% (optional) – ideal for cleaning multi-store car parks, ramps and inclines where scrubbing safely is a must!
  • Incredible water pick up with its unique patented squeegee design for dry floors all the time even on turns
  • Trademark Hako Dry clean floors in a single pass of cleaning.
  • Hako Aqua-Control-System - TUV Certified - Up to 50% less water and detergent used daily. 
  • Hako  AntiBac Tanks - Anti-bacterial  solution and recovery tanks protecting operators and preventing odours
  • Electric (Battery Powered) Ride on Scrubber
  • Simplicity-ONE Button Operation for easy use by the operator . Reduce training time.  
  • Hako Auto Brush Removal (ABR)  - Hands Free Brush Removal - Patented on/off System
  • Patent fold-up squeegee system for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • USB charger port as standard
  • On-Board dosing system for chemical free cleaning (optional). - Automatic precise dosing of cleaning solution
  • Configurable design to meet your specific floor cleaning needs. 
  • Excellent maneuverability with 90 degree turning, away from walls and obstacles. 
  • Increased productivity due to the large tank and Aqua Control System
  • Hako Aqua Stop Brush System - contains and controls water with precision.
  • Brushes and water stop when the machine stops.
  • Integrated battery charger enables the machine to be charged at any power socket


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Delivers the Hako Dry Floor Trademark!

The new Hako Scrubmaster B175 R Electric battery powered scrubber is the latest new addition to the Hako Scrubmaster range.  

No scrubber drys or cleans the floor like the Scrubmaster B175 R- Increased area performance with superior easy maneuverability: The ease of the driving and comfort makes this model a standout.

The Scrubmaster B175 R Electric scrubber has been designed to meet the highest demands when it comes to cleaning high traffic environments such as shopping centres, production factories, train stations and airports.  With its tank capacity of 175 litres, with up to 260 litre utilisation using the Hako Patented Aqua Control and Aqua Stop Brush System.  Combined with high operational cleaning and drying performance, the B175 R is available in 3 different working widths  of 900mm and 1080mm for disc and  850mm for the cylindrical configuration. The machine enables fast and efficient cleaning of large and medium-sized areas. Moreover, its compact dimensions and a 90-degree steering angle make the Scrubmaster B175 R the most maneuverable and flexible to use. It can be tailored to specific site needs with various adaptable configurations. 

The Scrubmaster B175 R provides the perfect comfort for the operator: truly ergonomic design and equipped with sophisticated simple details that ensure efficient working.  Hako – Innovative ideas that deliver productive effective daily work routine.

Customer Story

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