Citymaster 2200 Compact Street & Footpath Sweeper

Citymaster 2200 Compact Street & Footpath Sweeper
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Key Features

  • Largest payload in its class 2460 KG
  • Euro VI engine classification
  • Quietest in class "Blue Angel" low noice certification
  • Ergonomic comfort certification
  • PM10 Dust Suppression Certification
  • Up to 62 km/hr speed
  • DEKRA certified for optimum operator comfort


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A new standard in the 2 m3 class

The new Citymaster 2200 has been developed to provide maximum economic efficiency, safety and flexibility when it comes to cleaning public areas. Large high-quality components meet the highest standards in modern municipal technology in terms of quality and durability. Equipped with either a two- or three-broom system and with a dirt hopper capacity that is second to none in this class of machines, the vehicle ensures extremely time-efficient sweeping.

three in one: sweeping, wet cleaning, winter service

In addition to its function as a professional sweeper, the Citymaster 2200 is extremely flexible in use. The quick-change system enables easy demounting of the sweeping technology so that the machine can be used for wet cleaning (sluicing, scrubbing) or winter service tasks (snow clearing, gritting).

Go for comfort

The cockpit of the Citymaster 2200 provides optimal working conditions for the driver. DEKRA Certified for optimum operator comfort.  Individually adjustable seating position, multiple adjustable steering wheel, large windows for an excellent view with additional camera assistance and equipped with a heating system/air conditioning or heated windscreen/wing mirrors (option): The Citymaster 2200 is perfectly prepared for all-season use.

Flexible technology, exact performance

Both the 2- and 3-broom systems provide flexibility at the highest level: The sweeping brooms can easily reach even difficult-to-access areas. Additional control functions and power-enhanced drives are optionally available to upgrade the sweeping function and allow both the efficient removal and direct intake of weeds. A range of brooms is available to carry out many different sweeping tasks.

Customer Story

Jason from Liverpool City Council used two of our most popular city cleaning machines, the Hako Citymaster 1250 Footpath Sweeper and the model Citymaster 1600 Sweeper Scrubber in and around the Liverpool City area.

Hear what he has to say...