How do you use a Floor Scrubber?

How do you use a Floor Scrubber?

Instructions for using an industrial scrubber

A Floor scrubber can be a cleaning machine that can be difficult to understand at the beginning of your purchase. But don't worry, it's just a matter of practice and a little patience. Cleaning equipment with these characteristics requires patience and good work. The first thing we must consider is to know if we have removed all the remains of dirt: such as waste, pieces, etc. The floor scrubber will not be able to remove all of them because it is not its function.

So, when using it, you have to see what are the amounts of water and detergent that the industrial scrubber can contain. This usually depends on its size, which is directly related to the size of the surface on which we are going to clean. Interestingly, an industrial scrubber not only scrubs but also dries later, since, behind the brushes, it has a hole that transmits hot air that dries and helps to prevent traces of water and detergent from remaining.

Then, the process begins by pouring the water and the detergent into their respective pipes so that they reach the tank. Together they intermix properly and when activated with a button (or with the cord in the case of corded scrubbers), they begin to work. And it's simple: as we go through each section of the surface, the industrial scrubber will act on that section and, when we go to the next one, the dryer will act behind it. Consequently, the floor will be clean and dry instantly. That will avoid accidents walking on the surface after being cleaned.

Finally, like any electric cleaning machine, when finished it must be turned off to consider the task completed. It should be remembered that liquids can run out in the middle of the task, which is why it is recommended to stop the industrial scrubber and refill the corresponding tanks.

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