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• Specially developed for use in your Hako scrubber-drier
• Very effective
• Low foaming


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• Highly concentrated
• Economical to use
• Safe

Daily Maintenance

Hako Cleanol
Hako Cleanol is a product for daily cleaning of all water-resistant floors; it removes light to medium soiling. Hako Cleanol removes grease and dirt, is safe for protective layers, and has a nice fresh fragrance. Due to its calcium-binding properties, Hako Cleanol will dry to a streakless finish.

pH conc.
cleanol- xtra-10-ltr Hako Cleanol Xtra
Synthetic, fresh, low foaming. Removes dirt and grease from alkaline- and water-resistant hard top floors. Formulated to remove medium (industrial)(general) soiling in workshops, distribution centres, and such. When used on a synthetic floor, always the first test on a hidden surface area. Do not use on acryl copolymer coatings. Can be used in HACCP surroundings.
pH conc.
polyclean-10-ltrkopie-1 Hako Polyclean
Hako Polyclean is a product for the maintenance of all water-resistant floor coverings that are light to moderately soiled. Hako Polyclean is perfect for use on floors where a certain gloss is required like linoleum, tiles, PVC, natural stone, etc. Hako Polyclean can also be used as a spray cleaner. Hako Polyclean contains no polymers and leaves protective layers unharmed
pH conc.
k-10-ltr-vrijstaandkopie Hako Cleanol-K & Cleanol K SE
Hako Cleanol-K is a cleaning product without surfactants. Ideally suited for the cleaning of microporous surfaces like marble, marble composite, unglazed floor tiles, anti-slip tiles, etc. The dirt is preferable to be removed with a scrubber-drier or wet-vacuum machine to make sure the grime is effectively removed from the micro-pores. Hako Cleanol-K should not be used on floor coverings with a polymer-based protective layer

          1:150-40                SE- 1:300- 80         pH conc.


Heavy Duty
cleanol-hd-10-liter-met-nieuw-logo Hako Cleanol-HD
Hako Cleanol-HD is a high alkaline detergent for the cleaning of all water/alkaline resistant concrete and industrial floors. The product is suitable for removing heavy industrial dirt: grease and oils but also for the removal of old wax or polymer-based protective layers. Hako Cleanol-HD is not to be used on asphalt.
pH conc.
cleanol-s-10-liter-zonder-uncode Hako Cleanol-S
Hako Cleanol-S is a high alkaline detergent for the cleaning of all water/alkaline resistant floor coverings. The product is suitable for removing medium to heavy industrial dirt like grease and oils. In the right dilution, Hako Cleanol-S may be used for removal of protective layers on linoleum and PVC floor-coverings
pH conc.
cleanol-food10-liter-met-nieuw-logo Hako Cleanol Food
Hako Cleanol Food is a high alkaline detergent for the removal of medium to heavy dirt in the food processing industry Hako Cleanol Food removes very effectively vegetable- and animal fats, starch, proteins, and other sticky pollutions from water/ alkaline resistant floors. The product does not contain dyes or fragrances.
pH conc.
cleanol-g-10-liter-aangepast Hako Cleanol-G
Hako Cleanol-G is a specially developed, very strong alkaline cleaning detergent for the food processing industry. Hako Cleanol-G has similar properties to Cleanol Food with the addition that Cleanol-G is ideally suited for use by horticulture shipment & logistic companies as well as horticulture auction houses. Green stems, leaves, and other colored plant residues are often pulped into the floor by the intensive use of transport carts. Cleanol G has superior stain-removing properties.
pH conc.


Street Cleaning 
Hako-Chemicals-Cityclean-O-4-PACK-600x785-removebg-preview Hako CItyclean-O
Highly alkaline street cleaner for cleaning of all sorts of hard, water-resistant street surfaces, roads, cycle paths, footpaths/paving which have been contaminated with oil, diesel, or similar fluids. Specially developed for use with the Hako-Citymaster.
pH conc.
Hako-Chemicals-City-Clean-S Hako CItyclean-S
Alkaline, low foaming street cleaner suitable for can be used for cleaning of water-resistant surfaces like roads, cycle paths, and footpaths with normal pollution.
Biodegradable. Non-toxic!
Specially developed for use with the Hako-Citymaster
pH conc.


Hako cleanol, Cleanol Xtra and Cleanol-HD 


With the arrival of Cleanol Xtra, you have a great tool for cleaning the well-known medium type of pollutions. Cleanol Xtra does not need a hazard symbol on its product label!

  Cleanol  Cleanol Xtra  Cleanol-HD
pH Circa 8 Circa 11 Circa 13,5
Fragance  Fresh  Lemon-Fresh Typical 
To be used for  Light types of pollution Medium pollution Heavy pollution
Area e.g.:
offices, showroom, warehouse, reception
distribution centers, showrooms, warehouse,
light industries
(heavy) (car) (metal) (petrochemical)
industries, car/motor workshop
Can be used in a
HACCP surrounding
✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Danger symbol
on product label
None Corrosive Corrosive UN 1814


Automatic Dosing Systems


The advantages of using a dosing system are manifold; for example, always the correct dilution of the detergent in everyday practice means significantly less use of detergent!-.
Less detergent use is better for the environment and at the same time lowers your costs without lowering the quality of cleaning, a dosing system will make sure the cleaning result is always as it should be. All in all a dosing system brings advantages only!

Picture05 Hako dosing system for the 5 ltr can, 10 ltr can, and 200 ltr drums
Dosing system for use with 5 and 10 ltr cans (dosing system SP 5829) or for 200-liter barrels
(dosing system SP 1841-2). The principle behind both systems is the clever use of a Venturi system. No electricity is needed at all, just a hose connection with a freshwater tap.
The right solution concentration can be manually set
Picture03 Hako wall-mounted dosing system
This system also works according to the Venturi principle and is equipped with a non-return valve which allows for a permanent connection with the freshwater service pipes. The system is completed with a nice-looking cover, the desired dilution can be manually set.

Hako Fast-Fill system
The Hako Fast fill system is a concept specifically designed for fast-filling the larger scrubber-drier
The Fast-Fill inlet automatically fills the holding container with a ready-to-use solution and shuts automatically off as well. All without using any electricity from the mains or batteries. From the holding container, one can pour 300 liters of cleaning solution within minutes into a scrubber-drier. Compare this with manually filling a large scrubber drier; this can easily take up to 30 minutes or more. The quick fill method eliminates any unnecessary waiting time (read: costly)
for the cleaning staff. Productivity of hired time is used at its best. Please ask your Hako account manager for the possibility of acquiring a Fast-Fill system for your location.


Hako Onboard


Hako’s on-board dosing system

The onboard dosing system is equipped with a variable speed pump. The amount of cleaning detergents added to the system depends on the amount of water supplied. The concentration is infinitely adjustable and remains constant.

This reliably prevents over-or under-dosing, even when the operator increases or reduces the amount of water supplied. This system can also be used with machines that are not equipped with a water pump

Visit the Hako Dosing Filling System page







Hako-Chemical on Demand:
for superior cleanliness

Hako-Chemical on Demand provides excellent economic efficiency and superior cleanliness at the push of a button – through precise and economical dosing. Cleaning detergents are only used when necessary, which ensures that floors with a low level of soiling can be cleaned without using any chemicals at all. And using fewer cleaning chemicals means increased economic efficiency. 


to protect the environment

Hako-LessChem saves cleaning detergents: Hako’s dosing and filling systems prevent incorrect dosing and ensure that only small amounts of chemicals are needed to provide reliable and environmentally-friendly cleaning. Superior products such as our highly-concentrated cleaning detergent Cleanol SE ECO, which has been awarded the European Eco Label, additionally reduce the environmental footprint. 



Environmentally-friendly right from the start
Using health- and environmentally-friendly cleaning detergents makes a significant contribution to protecting both the user and the environment. The advantage of highly concentrated cleaning detergents is that less water is used throughout the entire process – from production to application.  
  Made for professional cleaning tasks
Hako’s cleaning detergents are perfectly suited for use in Hako scrubber-driers. Our particularly low-foaming detergents for hard floors are up to 98% neutral and remove dirt and grease effortlessly. Thanks to their lime-binding properties, no streaks are left on the floor after drying.
  For severe soiling
Hako’s special cleaners quickly and efficiently remove oil spills and rubber abrasion from industrial floors and concrete surfaces. 

Cleanliness for all your senses
When using Hako’s cleaning detergents, the result is not only pleasing to the eye and feels good to the touch, it also smells very nice. Fresh scents smelling of lemon or apple, but also neutral scents, are available to create a pleasant ambient atmosphere. 

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