Scrubmaster B260 R Industrial Battery Electric Ride-on Floor Scrubber

Scrubmaster B260 R Industrial Battery Electric Ride-on Floor Scrubber
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Key Features

  • Available with working widths of 108 and 123 cm and equipped with either 2 or 3 disc brushes or a cylindrical brush unit
  • For long operating times: 480-Ah battery and a large 260-litre tank
  • Trademark Hako Dry clean floors in a single pass of cleaning.
  • Hako Aqua-Control-System - TUV Certified - Up to 50% less water and detergent used daily. 
  • Hako  AntiBac Tanks - Anti-bacterial  solution and recovery tanks protecting operators and preventing odours
  • Electric (Battery Powered) Ride on Scrubber
  • Simplicity-ONE Button Operation for easy use by the operator . Reduce training time.  
  • Dust-free cleaning - The optional pre-sweep/vacuum unit can be equipped with Dust Stop
  • Hako Auto Brush Removal (ABR)  - Hands Free Brush Removal - Patented on/off System
  • Patent fold-up squeegee system for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • USB charger port as standard
  • On-Board dosing system for chemical free cleaning (optional). - Automatic precise dosing of cleaning solution
  • Configurable design to meet your specific floor cleaning needs. 
  • The seat, backrest and armrests of the comfort seat can be optimally adjusted to
    suit the driver’s individual needs.
  • Increased productivity due to the large tank and Aqua Control System
  • Hako Aqua Stop Brush System - contains and controls water with precision.
  • Brushes and water stop when the machine stops.
  • Integrated battery charger enables the machine to be charged at any power socket


For years, it has been a must for us to manufacture in an environmentally friendly manner. Consumption of materials and energy are the most important issues we consider when improving our environmental impact. Hako uses environmental audits; the formulation of binding environmental guidelines; and environmental management to create the conditions for continuous optimization.

Hako’s Integrated Environmental Cleaning (IEC) System, comprises of Hako Anti-bacterial tanks (certified to ISO22196) increasing hygiene and safety standards, daytime cleaning technology reducing evening energy consumption, certified and patented aqua control brushes delivering up to 50% water and chemical reduction and Hako’s Aquaforce chemical free cleaning system.

New dimensions of floor cleaning!

The new Hako Scrubmaster B260 R Electric battery powered scrubber is the latest new addition to the Hako Scrubmaster range. 

Ideally suited for cleaning shopping centres, logistics halls, or production facilities in the automotive industry: Available with working widths of 108 and 123 cm and equipped with either 2 or 3 disc brushes or a cylindrical brush unit as well as a 260-litre tank, the Scrubmaster B260 R is your perfect choice when long operating times on large areas are required. Your superior benefits: Powered by a 480 Ah battery, this machine provides a cleaning performance of up to 8,600 m2/h and is equipped with a 20-litre capacity on-board dosing system for cleaning chemicals.

Different attachments are available to flexibly extend the Scrubmaster B260 R’s range of applications beyond mere scrubbing & drying. Excellent performance combined with high levels of efficiency: Thanks to the ergonomic machine concept, which has been awarded the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) quality label for back-friendly working.

Technical data

Scrubmaster B260 R at a glance

Technical Data.