Scrubmaster B45 CL Industrial Battery Electric Floor Scrubber - 65cm

Scrubmaster B45 CL Industrial Battery Electric Floor Scrubber - 65cm
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The antibacterial tank coating, Hako AntiBac®, for the recovery and solution tank provides considerably better hygienic conditions in the tank and on the surfaces cleaned as well as ensuring a reduction in the consumption of disinfectants by cleaning the tank.


Hako Aquaforce® is a space saving, stationary system for cleaning without chemicals. It removes all minerals from tap water. The demineralised water can loosen dirt better and reduces the risks of resoiling - for lower operating costs and less environmental pollution. 

HAKO chemical free cleaning - CHEMICAL ON DEMAND

By adding the optional Hako Chemical on Demand feature, cleaning agents are dispensed at a predetermined dilution rate at the brushes when they are actually needed.   The CHemical on Demand feature eliminates any manual handling by operator of detergent dispensing into the tank.  In the case of low level soiling on the floor, in most cases these  simply swithc off the dosing systen and clean wiht just fresh water  can be completed economically without any need for cleaning agents. 

Key Features

  • Powerful brush motors for an even cleaning result
  • Cost saving by Hako Aqua-Control System;
  • All brushes are equipped with a water retaining ring
  • Brushes and water stop when the machine stands still
  • Precise dosage of cleaning solution
  • Large tank lid for easy cleaning
  • Easy ergonomic operation as a result of the compact, manoeuvrable construction
  • Cost saving squeegee blades which may be used four times


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Scrubmaster B45 walk behind scrubber now comes with a large disc scrubbing head with a working width of 65 cm and combines with the maneuverability of the existing Scrubmaster B45 for the efficient cleaning of larger areas.  It delivers big machine productivity in a compact machine.

In daily use, the new Scrubmaster B45 65cm scores highly as a result of its particularly high level of operator comfort. Its special design gives a clear view of the area being cleaned.

Optimised handle position means relaxed, fatigue-free operation. Operating elements/controls are easy to understand for shorter trainng times.

The noise-insulated vacuum fan makes the machine extremely quiet (only 64 dB (A) at the driver's ear). This can be reduced to 61 dB(A) using the "Silent BUtton" that come standard on all Scrubmaster B45CLs.

Customer Story

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